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Icon [24 Mar 2006|03:09pm]

Hi people....
It seems like this site isnt all that entertained anymore...
Please dont let another Alkaline Trio community collapse..
Expecially the only good Matt Skiba Community..

Can someone help me re-size his icon a little bit, so its like 95X95 so I can use it for my Livejournal?
It would be greatly appreciated.

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attn [12 Jan 2006|10:04pm]

go check out the alkaline trio tribute i am organizing, its fans covering alkaline trio as homage to our favorite band! even if you're tone deaf & you don't submit you can help us out by telling your friends about it.


x-posted everyfuckingwhere
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[10 Dec 2005|11:39pm]

ok i didnt wanna be one of those jerks who posts to all the trio comms and eats up friend page space, but since i posted the following like a week ago in alkaline_trio_ and no one responded, i guess i have no choice.....

the show on tuesday was quite amazing. =) why did i not recieve email notification about this show??? im really pissed about that. and i didnt know about the newbury comics signing either. *throws hissyfit* i recieve emails for shows that are a million miles away, but not for one in my hometown? ugh.

anyway, anyone have the setlist? i remember the songs, just not the order.

i'd be able to say i have some pictures but....
i went thru all the trouble of hiding my camera in my cleavage, didnt even get searched and then realized my batteries were dead. *slaps forehead* oh well. i enjoy shows more watching rather then having to worry about taking pictures. especially when your as drunk as i was. haha.

and crazy katie with the green n black hair, if youre out there, hi...
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[16 Sep 2005|03:38pm]
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[11 Sep 2005|08:28am]


theres one wedding pic.

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New Member [13 Aug 2005|09:46am]

I just joined I've been in alk3_daily and other comms but I just joined this one :) So just wanted to say "hi"
heres a pic of me and matt @ m n g

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[02 Apr 2005|02:20pm]

Hi everyone,

I really hope I'm allowed to advertise this on here, if not I apologize (you can delete it). I have a signed 8 x 10 picture of Matt Skiba listed on ebay. It is numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity as well. I'm getting rid of it because I need money for my vacation. Here's the link to the listing:


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hello everyone [15 Sep 2004|05:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello all. :0 I joined yesterday and my Skiba love keeps growing and growing. I made a collage that was supposed to be all of Skiba to go on my folder but...
i felt bad for not putting the other guys inCollapse )

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[26 Jul 2004|10:47pm]
alkaline trio records. help me pay for college.


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[26 Jul 2004|03:30am]

last Sunday in denver, colorado.
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WA Warp Tour [11 Jul 2004|12:59pm]

So I got there late and missed MCR and the Trio! I cried. But Heather gave me a free shirt b/c she felt bad for me. And then when I was walking around looking for Allison and Mikey, someone grab my shoulder. And it was the lead singer of MCR, he remeber me from a show about 7th months ago where I wrote to him on a back of a Motorhead flyer. So we hung out for a bit togther and it was really nice. BLah blah blah saw some bands. Saw the Souls!! But when I came up after the souls I saw a sign that says " meet alkaline trio, evil but nice" and I asked when that was, and she said Matt just left. I really by that time decied that I was having the worst time ever.. But then I see these kids with passes to backstage area, and I asked em if I could us one or something, and this kid totally took my backstage with him! We walked to the trios bus and no one was there, but they were bbq food haha! So I thought it was gonna happen agian, missing them. But as I am walking to the gate I hear " CASSSIDII" from Jearal (mcr lead singer) and he is walking with MATT! So I hung out with them for about a half an hour. I got my picture in between the two sexiest men of all time, and as I was getting the picture taken Matt said " Hey, Its a Cassidi sandwhich!" It was so funny. Matt and I talked about when I met him last time, and he said he remeber me and I told he was full of shit. :) We talked about trio tattoos, and how it only werid how he can effect so many people enfu to get a tattoo of them. I told him that his music really does mean a lot to me, even its hes heard that it a million time and is really chessey. And he hunged me a lot and told me "Thank you for everything" haha (I said those words to him the last time I met him and I felt so dumb!) He also told me next time they come that to find him before the show and he'll put me on the list! He was great, and then I had to leave so I could go see the Vandals!
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odd question [29 May 2004|10:56am]

Anyone know what cigarettes Matt smokes?
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Where are the matt skiba fans? [28 May 2004|12:45pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Hi everyone I've never posted in here before...but I just saw this amazing, sexy and new pic of matt...so i'd figure i'd post it

It's from the Joey Romone Bash in NYC, which I believe was 5/19.

*sigh* tell me what you think. Props to shinyemostars for posting it.

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matthew [04 May 2004|09:53pm]

[ mood | blank ]

well um, i joined cause i wanted to post the lame picture i made! haha.

sorry its bad quality, its because i took screen craps from when alk3 were on conan, and its kinda fuzzy. anyway... i showed my friend, and she said "its like a band full of matts" so i decided to title it...

mattskibatrioCollapse )

that it all. :)

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Attention Please! [22 Apr 2004|01:15am]

may i remind everyone that this is an ALKALINE TRIO PICTURE COMMUNITY. you must include a picture, doesn't matter what picture, as long as its trio related, in EVERY post you make. failure to do so will end in deletion of your post by me so if i tell you edit your entry to include a picture but you don't do it, don't come whining to me about your post disappearing. and be sure to put your pictures behind a cut which would go like so:

<*lj-cut text="put whatever the hell you want here">

only without the astriks(*)

i know i have neglected this community but i am just reminding you all that these rules need to be followed.

your friendly moderator who rules with an iron fist, meghan. <3

[x-posted to alk3_daily]
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[21 Apr 2004|04:55pm]

Howdy folks. I'm jasamine, and (obviously) new.

pictureCollapse )
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[15 Apr 2004|10:32pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Newbie. Hows everyone doin'?

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[12 Apr 2004|09:42pm]

non sequitur

my friend gave me this comic from her newspaper. look closely.
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[10 Apr 2004|10:37pm]

does anyone have a full-length picture of matt besides the one with the socks and hot water music shirt? i'm looking for a pretty-high quality one. if you have one or a link to it, a comment would be appreciated. thanks!

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Pictures! [04 Apr 2004|09:10pm]

[ mood | fantastic ]

Haha I met Matt. and yeah it was great.

... as promised.

+Pins+Collapse )

StickersCollapse )

Good MourningCollapse )


MattCollapse )

and here's the *real* barn burner...

Matthew...and MarissaCollapse )

That is all.

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