little darling (ex_littledar498) wrote in skiba_daily,
little darling

WA Warp Tour

So I got there late and missed MCR and the Trio! I cried. But Heather gave me a free shirt b/c she felt bad for me. And then when I was walking around looking for Allison and Mikey, someone grab my shoulder. And it was the lead singer of MCR, he remeber me from a show about 7th months ago where I wrote to him on a back of a Motorhead flyer. So we hung out for a bit togther and it was really nice. BLah blah blah saw some bands. Saw the Souls!! But when I came up after the souls I saw a sign that says " meet alkaline trio, evil but nice" and I asked when that was, and she said Matt just left. I really by that time decied that I was having the worst time ever.. But then I see these kids with passes to backstage area, and I asked em if I could us one or something, and this kid totally took my backstage with him! We walked to the trios bus and no one was there, but they were bbq food haha! So I thought it was gonna happen agian, missing them. But as I am walking to the gate I hear " CASSSIDII" from Jearal (mcr lead singer) and he is walking with MATT! So I hung out with them for about a half an hour. I got my picture in between the two sexiest men of all time, and as I was getting the picture taken Matt said " Hey, Its a Cassidi sandwhich!" It was so funny. Matt and I talked about when I met him last time, and he said he remeber me and I told he was full of shit. :) We talked about trio tattoos, and how it only werid how he can effect so many people enfu to get a tattoo of them. I told him that his music really does mean a lot to me, even its hes heard that it a million time and is really chessey. And he hunged me a lot and told me "Thank you for everything" haha (I said those words to him the last time I met him and I felt so dumb!) He also told me next time they come that to find him before the show and he'll put me on the list! He was great, and then I had to leave so I could go see the Vandals!
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